Motion Graphic Artist - Creative Director - Digital Media Specialist

Who am i?

Well, first of all, I am not a fan of tooting my own horn....

...but, I am a self-motivated, disciplined, and ambitious motion graphic artist + designer. I work quickly and efficiently and have been doing this for over a decade, and my experiences ensure that I am an individual who knows how to accomplish tasks and work in a team or solo dynamic. My freelance work requires that I set my own schedule and adhere to it, while managing multiple jobs and people at the same time. I enjoy what I do, and only want to expand my skillset and knowledge to take on bigger and broader projects.


Lets skip past the experimental part...

..and start right after graduating with an Associates degree in Digital Media. First job I got was in San Jose at Inhance Digital, creating assets for Motion Graphics as well as finetuning my knowledge in 3D. After they moved to LA, I decided to freelance in the Bay Area. Worked some incredible companies and people. AKQA, Gunshop, Design Reactor, Little Red Robot. While I loved the area, I then decided I needed to head back to smaller pond in Florida where I grew up. I kept alot of remote clients as well as picked up some local ones and have been making the best of it.


I use these to pay bills... and I am not afraid to use them

I am definitely up to speed with processes and procedures revolving around motion graphics. I love to experiment, and over the years, dealing with different calibers of clients, I have learned the art of 'Fail Faster!' which helps me in my process. I love trying new methods for producing graphics, I am currently bringing in quick practical elements into my work. I am starting to implement more set design into my process as well. Being a son of a Picture Framer I am used to working with my hands, so I am always building stuff, and want that to carry on into my motion graphics.

  • After Effects +
  • Cinema 4D +
  • Photoshop +
  • Illustrator +
  • Premiere +
  • Mac OSX +
  • Windows OS +
  • Creative Director
  • Picture Framer
  • Musician (Tuba to Tablas)
  • Part Time Gamer
  • Full Time Dad
  • Dungeon Master
  • Artist